Why is agile so disruptive? 

Mega-cities have mega-challenges, and the traditional approaches to solving these problems take years and often produce results that are outdated by the time they're deployed. We believe it's time to change that.

More than ever, given today's economic climate, companies and communities are feeling enormous pressure to retain a competitive edge by innovating into the future while keeping costs down.  And whether we're talking about corporate product development or the way urban development has historically been handled, master planning approaches are no longer the best answer. 


Agile project management practices have been a highly-effective mainstay in the technology sector but have not yet been broadly applied in other arenas.  And, since getting to results more quickly is one of the most effective ways to both keep costs in check and produce better products and services for a quickly changing world, we help companies do this by using the best of agile and the increasingly well-known lean start-up methodologies. Using short cycles of discovery, problem definition, ideation, testing and learning, we are rapidly able to uncover areas of opportunity for further investigation.


This is not "failing fast" - we know that getting to discovery and data more quickly can only lead to success.

We partner with R&D groups, marketing teams, brand and product pioneers, and business development visionaries to facilitate these cycles known as sprints. And, during this process, in addition to drawing from our pool of senior strategists, we engage Subject Matter Expertise, lateral thinkers, and representation from citizen stakeholders. With the right mix of contributors, we can drive breakthrough thinking and develop prototypes for testing ideas within weeks and at a fraction of the cost of most product development or marketing campaigns.  

To scale impact further, we use a unique open core model inspired by some of the most exciting technology enterprises in history to help make our advances accessible to millions of global citizens.

If you're interested in learning more about our model or chatting about how we can collaborate on issues in your city, get in touch here.